All EMIR products come with an educational discount and a 10 year guarantee. Many are still being used today, 25 years after we lovingly built them.

Perimeter benches

Perimeter-WorkbenchEMIR produce custom made, solid beech benches to your specifications to fit the perimeter of your classroom. Perimeter benches provide space for seated work as well as the option of cupboards that fit perfectly underneath the worktop. Perimeter Cupboards are available with castors for added mobility, allowing them to be moved around to meet the changing needs of the classroom. A variety of vices can also be fitted as EMIR benches are strong and durable enough to withstand heavy hand machinery.

General purpose benches

General Purpose Workbench for schools with cupboards and vices

A variety of sizes and storage options makes the General Purpose range of workbenches the ideal choice for D&T classes. Bench dimensions vary from 1.2m – 3.0m long and are available with cupboards to fit under the worktop. Vices are a popular addition to this range and options include woodwork, metalwork and engineer’s vices. For added convenience, woodwork vices can be fitted and metalwork vices on vice pads can be clamped on when necessary. All EMIR benches are made on solid beech that is hardwearing and splinter resistant, providing you with quality benches that are fit for purpose.


Dual Convertible Workbench

1291 Dual Convertible bench with steel flaps

For courses that switch between woodwork and metalwork, the Dual Convertible workbench offers flexibility between the two crafts. Steel or lino flaps cover the worktop to provide metalwork vices which can then be folded down to reveal the solid beech worktop, complete with woodwork vices. Cupboards are available to fit underneath to provide your classroom with extra storage and coloured doors are available in red, blue, green and grey.




Octagonal benches

Octagonal Workbench made from solid beech in Ashford, Kent.

A great option for busy classes, the Octagonal bench is practical for D&T classes when fitted with vices while still serving well when written work is carried out. There are many options available with Octagonal bench including a choice of vices, shallow or deep cupboards and a choice of dimensions to fit your needs.




Deep cupboards for schools with roller shutter and shelves

Our secure cupboards provide flexible storage for books, paper, files or workshop materials. Our lockable Extra Deep Tambour Cupboards have strong tambour shutters that can be opened without intruding into walkway space. EMIR’s Tambour Cupboards come with one fixed shelf and additional shelves that can be adjusted to your requirements.


“Thank you for all of the excellent work you have carried out on behalf of the school in the fitting, planning and installing of our excellent workbench. The woodwork department and school are very proud of the bench and have already completed a number of jobs to precision using this excellent bench. Your support has been exemplary and the quality of the product speaks for itself.”

-Shirley Crosbie OBE Headteacher