Workbench vice

Any Design & Technology classroom should have workbenches that meets their needs. As one of the most prominent furniture in the room, it has to be both functional and durable. After all, hundreds, if not thousands, of students will be relying on it on a daily basis. If it gets in the way of learning in a D&T class, then what’s the point?

With decades of experience working with the education sector, we understand what these classes require. Throughout the years, we have also adapted to meet these constantly changing needs through design improvements and added features. Let’s take a look at a few of them that you should consider for a classroom workbench.

Enough space for everyone.
The size and design of a workbench will depend on the environment it will be used in. In this case, it’s a classroom. If a class focuses on more collaborative works with large groups, the bench must be able to accommodate them. A design such our Octagonal Workbench may be the perfect fit for such a situation. For a compact solution, a more conventional Square Workbench is also available.

They’ll be standing for years.
A durable and stable surface will always be a requirement. It has to be able to withstand a beating from heavy duty work and difficult projects. And it has to do this day after day, for years to come.

Since our workbenches are manufactured from solid beech, they’ll take this beating with ease. They are strong and durable enough to last years of light to heavy duty work expected in a D&T class.

Comes with everything you need.
Aside from the bench itself, additional tools and accessories are also necessary in the workshop. Depending on the task, a workbench should have options for a vice that can be used with different materials. Storage options are another consideration, especially with limited space and plenty of students walking around.

EMIR benches not only meet these requirements, they are designed for them. Our benches can be fitted with a variety of vices for woodwork or metalwork. Storage can also be included in the design, such as shelves or cupboards.

Made especially for you.
In some situations, particularly in a college or university setting, standard benches just aren’t enough. For those cases, the option for a bespoke design is available. A bench can be made to order to your institution’s exact specifications.

Is a perimeter workbench the most suitable for your area? Perhaps you need benches with adjustable height? Whatever your requirements, all you need to do is ask.

These are just a few features that make EMIR workbenches the choice for your class. For over 80 years, we have been manufacturing and providing workbenches for schools and fashion houses all over the world. Contact us today to discuss what options best suit your classroom.