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NC Computerised Loom in action at the University of Brighton.

By | 2018-08-15T12:56:26+00:00 August 14th, 2018|Categories: Harris Looms|

After 2 years of Development and Extensive Testing, Harris Looms are excited to announce….The New Computerised Looms NC16 and NC24! These are available as a 16 and a 24 shaft Loom and have a weaving width of 24". The NC Looms have been fitted with dampers amongst other aspects to reduce noise pollution. The NC Looms [...]

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What To Look For In A Workbench

By | 2016-02-08T12:51:24+00:00 February 8th, 2016|Categories: Workbenches|

Any Design & Technology classroom should have workbenches that meets their needs. As one of the most prominent furniture in the room, it has to be both functional and durable. After all, hundreds, if not thousands, of students will be relying on it on a daily basis. If it gets in the way of learning in [...]

Our Top 10 Craft Pinterest Pins

By | 2016-01-22T14:50:22+00:00 January 22nd, 2016|Categories: News|

Whether you are interested in woodwork; weaving; or dress making - Pinterest offers countless sources of inspiration as well as many how-to guides.   Here, we round up 10 of our favourite pins that we hope will inspire you!           One: 'Fall Tree' was created by designer Benjamin Graindorge and is made [...]

Octagonal workbenches in production

By | 2015-12-14T11:02:30+00:00 December 14th, 2015|Categories: News|

A secondary school in Glasgow required workbenches for large groups of students to work around while also providing a stable work surface. The Octagonal Workbench is ideal for this type of classroom as 8 students can sit around it and wood and metalwork vices can be fitted to suit a wide variety of work projects. For [...]

How we build a heavy duty workbench

By | 2015-10-14T09:47:24+00:00 October 14th, 2015|Categories: News|

In our latest video, we share how we manufacture our solid beech workbenches to make them strong and durable enough for years of heavy duty work. This video was directed and produced by Mirela Kostadinova who is a graduate of the University of Kent. Her work placement with EMIR was made possible through the University of [...]

EMIR visits Artmap Argyll and David Bracken

By | 2015-09-04T07:44:22+00:00 September 4th, 2015|Categories: News|

EMIR's Marketing Manager had a great day out on Sunday along with the Owner Samantha Emmerich, visiting various artists and crafts people on the Artmap Argyll including David Bracken who produces some amazing work. In his workshop they found this 1967 workbench which David had saved from a school in London: So how far have our benches travelled? [...]

Video: A Jeweller’s bench designed for craftsmen

By | 2015-08-28T10:15:18+00:00 August 28th, 2015|Categories: News|

In our new video on the EMIR YouTube channel, we visit student Evie Armstrong-Clarke who received a Jewellers bench from EMIR earlier in the year. Evie recently completed her studies at Central Saint Martins for a degree in Jewellery Design and last year won a Topshop competition. The 'Freedom' competition involved Topshop teaming up with the University [...]

Square Workbenches – The 2133

By | 2015-08-21T09:08:08+00:00 August 21st, 2015|Categories: News, Workbenches|

The 2133 Square workbench is a great addition to any Design and Technology classroom due to its durability, solid beech frame and space saving design. What is the 2133 used for? The 2133 Square workbench is ideal for busy classrooms, whether in colleges, secondary schools or university. This is due to the design of the bench [...]

EMIR attends New Designers Part 1

By | 2015-06-30T08:56:45+00:00 June 30th, 2015|Categories: News|

Part one of the New Designers event took place in London last week and EMIR visited to take a first look at the talented designers emerging in the UK. New Designers provides buyers, employers and design enthusiasts the opportunity to discover some of the UK’s most innovative designers / makers from universities throughout the country. As [...]

What is an EMIR workbench?

By | 2015-05-28T15:07:44+00:00 May 28th, 2015|Categories: News, Workbenches|

What is an EMIR Workbench? General Purpose 1226. Click for larger image An EMIR workbench is designed to be durable, long lasting and suitable for a wide variety of work projects. Whether you are carrying out woodwork with large D&T classes or designing jewellery in your studio - EMIR can offer the solution with [...]