New Designers Event Hall
Part one of the New Designers event took place in London last week and EMIR visited to take a first look at the talented designers emerging in the UK.
New Designers provides buyers, employers and design enthusiasts the opportunity to discover some of the UK’s most innovative designers / makers from universities throughout the country. As many of our Jewellers benches and Cutting Tables have gone to universities over the years, we wanted to see for ourselves the projects that are being undertaken by recent graduates.
Scroll down to view our top highlights from the day:

Shona Blair

Shona Blair

Shona’s fourth year studies have been inspired by youth subcultures, both past and present, and the impact that poverty can have on a subculture. Two subcultures that have been focussed on are Skinheads and the Glasgow ‘Ned’. Currency has also been given consideration when designing this collection and outlines and transfers of coins can be seen throughout.



Aleema Hussain scarves and fabricAleema Hussain

Aleema’s collection of textiles were inspired by women’s experience of domestic violence. Direct quotes have been used that refer to women’s experiences and some have then been turned into morse code which highlights the secretive nature of domestic violence.




Sophie Adderley

The concept behind Sophie’s collection was one we can all connect with – being inspired by the personal response an individual has to each day of the week. Sophie used her own experience to create a ring for each day where the differences in weight, movement, material and sound express her response to each day. The collection culminates in two large cymbal style rings that represent Friday and Saturday and were very eye-catching to walk past.

Sophie Adderley Jewellery at New DesignersSophie Adderley ring at New Designers










Anousha Tavakoli

After discussing Sophie’s collection we came across Anousha’s jewellery collection consisting of necklaces and broches with a strong geometric look with facets that catch and reflect light.
“Moving joints allow the pieces to be adapted to an individual’s choice, meaning no two pieces are the same”. This gives a feeling of further individuality to each piece and allows each person to wear a piece exactly how they would like.

Anousha Tavakoli jewellery











Nichakan Nolan Jewellery rings and broochesNichakan Nolan

Nature turned out to be a major source of inspiration for both textile and jewellery students at New Designers and this was also the case for Nichakan Nolan. Nichakan chose sunflowers for her main point because she feels personally attached to flowers due to their beauty and their meaning of love, honest and patience. Nature combines with her family for the inspiration as she wishes to be patient and strong like a sunflower till she is able to see her family again.




JMarcal Jewellery ringsJMarcal Jewellery

Jennifer Marcal showed a very striking collection of rings, earrings, broches and necklaces at New Designers. Not only did the collection have a strong look, but each piece would look very different when viewed at a slightly different angle. This captures the wearer’s interest as a ring is not just a pleasure to look at but also intriguing to interact with.



Kiki Tang rings and jewelleryKiki Tang

Kiki Tang is inspired by beauty found in nature which is evident in her wide range of rings displayed at New Designers. Growing up in Guilin, China, Tang like to incorporate oriental design elements with a western twist that make her designs unique. Most of Kiki’s design originates from sea creatures, coral and sea anemones and also influences her choice of precious and semi-precious materials.


Ebony Manthorpe

Ebony Manthorpe is a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts and her recent work is based on her love for architecture and structure. Ebony produced four designs for fashion prints that are a combination of her drawings and photographs. These are then manipulated through digital design programmes to create a repeat pattern.

Ebony Manthorpe textile design new designersEbony Manthorpe textile designs









Part 2 of New Designers takes place between 01 – 04 July 2015 and features the following design disciplines:

– Furniture
– Product & Industrial Design
– Spatial Design
– Graphic Design
– Illustration
– Animation
– Motion & Digital Arts
– One Year On