Our FAQ blog will address the most popular/frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. We hope this helps and answers any questions you may have!

Do you have resellers abroad? – No, we do not have resellers in other countries; we are based in Ashford, Kent (United Kingdom) however we do ship abroad so please see question two for details.

Do you ship to other countries? – We do ship overseas and all over Europe; we have recently shipped to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Qatar. All shipment quotes are calculated on an individual basis and vary depending on the product, size, and Country.

Do Emir and Harris Loom products come flat packed? – Our products do not come flat packed.

Do you stock your products?- We do not keep stock, all our products are made to order and the current production time is 6-8 weeks but this can change depending on the commitments of the production team at the time of ordering.

Do you have standard sizes for your products? – Yes, we do have standard sizes for our benches and tables but we also make bespoke sizes.

What are the weaving widths of your Harris looms? – Our Harris looms have weaving widths of 15” and 24” and come in 4, 8 and 16 Shafts. Our NC Loom is also available in 24 Shafts.

What are your reeds made of and what sizes do you have? – Our reeds are made from stainless steel and are available in 15” and 24”. We have 15” reeds in 8dpin and 14dpin and 24” reeds in 8dpin, 10dpin, 14dpin and 18dpin.

What are your benches made of?– Our Emir benches are made of solid prime grade beech wood that has been steamed and kiln dried and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest). We use timber that’s close-grained, splinter resistant and hardwearing.

Are vices included with the benches? – No the prices of our benches do not include vices but we can add these to your quote upon your request.

What comes with a Harris loom? – Our looms come fitted with heddles and a set of apron, cross and warp sticks. Please note reeds are not included but can be added to your quote upon request.

What is a bulk adapter- A bulk adapter enables a new reed to fit into an old loom.

How do I find out the price of a product?- You can submit an enquiry form via our website https://emir.co.uk/contact/or email us directly at info@emir.co.uk. Once received we will send you a tailored quote.

Do you sell warping mills?- We do sell warping mills along with a range of other weaving accessories. You can see our list of weaving accessories on our website. https://emir.co.uk/product/harris-looms/

If you have any questions that we haven’t addressed please leave a comment below and we will add these to the blog!