Pin-It-ButtonWhether you are interested in woodwork; weaving; or dress making – Pinterest offers countless sources of inspiration as well as many how-to guides.
Here, we round up 10 of our favourite pins that we hope will inspire you!

1_Wooden_Tree_BenchOne: ‘Fall Tree’ was created by designer Benjamin Graindorge and is made from a carefully carved oak tree and a slab of glass to support one of the ends of the bench. The branches at one end serve as a “reminder of the wood’s living origins.”


2_Woven_Scarf_Shepherd's_PlaidTwo: This image of a giant Shepherd’s Plaid scarf leads to an interesting article regarding the importance of artisan and heirloom crafts in an increasingly throwaway culture. This Shepherd’s Plaid scarf “was once used to protect farmers from the elements and help them carry lost lambs back to the fold”.



Three: BeatWoven is a renowned textiles label that uses state of the art technology to turn music into geometric patterns that can then be woven into fabric. The website is definitely worth a look where you can find out more and view past collections. The homepage also features a video that sheds more light on what goes on behind the scenes.


Dior_Mini_Haute_Couture Four: Titled ‘Le Petit Théâtre Dior’, this pin leads to a series of photos of miniature Dior Haute Couture outfits that are definitely worth a look! The tiny outfits are displayed on equally small mannequins that show off the attention to detail that is required when working on projects of this scale.
Dressmaking_PatternsFive: This is a fantastic resource for those who are interested in dressmaking patters and how-to guides for sewing. The website acts as a directory of websites for a wide variety of interests including textiles and dressmaking.
EMIR Cutting TableSix: At EMIR we manufacture a wide variety of Cutting Tables to suit educational establishments and private customers. The Cutting Table pictured here was for a private customer who had vast experience in dress making and costume design which had led her to designing outfits for the BBC and even her friends’ wedding dresses. Here you can see how she has made the most of the available space with decorative storage boxes and a collection of reference books.
7_Chinese_Wearable_TechnologySeven: This abacus ring is arguably the first ever ‘wearable computer’. The 300-year-old Chinese abacus ring was used during the Qing Dynasty to help traders and features a 1.2cm long, 0.7cm wide abacus that sits on the finger. The ring’s abacus has seven rods with seven beads on each rod that can only be moved using small tools such as pins due to its miniature size.
8_CarvingEight: Titled ‘Dining With ‘Big Daddy Hum’ (& Mum)’, this carving was created by Fred Cogelow and looks remarkably lifelike due to the 7″ depth of the carving. “The balance of the scene is mostly invented, especially “mum” (included mostly for the rhyme), who was the composite of 3 ladies. A fondness for ambiguity lead to incorporation of an unusual number of symbols and symbolic juxtapositions designed to leave the option of competing narratives.” – Cogelow.
9_Woodworking_Projects_For_BeginnersNine: is a haven for DIY enthusiasts as the website contains no end of guides for a wide variety of crafts. This photo is from a page of DIY guides for those who are beginners to woodwork, but more complex plans are available elsewhere on the website. Users can browse how-to guides by category, or use the search box when you have something specific in mind.
10_EmbroideryTen: This is by far our most re-pinned image and is not only pinned by embroiderers – but fashion lovers as well. Created by Andréas Kanellopoulos, this artistic embroidery features beads, mixed textures and stitch detail. Click to view more work on Andréas’ blog – Furor Brillante.
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