Square Workbench B2133CThe 2133 Square workbench is a great addition to any Design and Technology classroom due to its durability, solid beech frame and space saving design.

What is the 2133 used for?
The 2133 Square workbench is ideal for busy classrooms, whether in colleges, secondary schools or university. This is due to the design of the bench that can seat up to 4 students and the option of cupboards underneath the worktop that provides further storage to the workroom.
If you are ordering direct from a school, get in touch to find out about the educational prices available to the education sector.



Workbench viceWoodwork vs Metalwork
As the 2133 is designed for D&T classes, this workbench can accommodate both metal and woodwork vices. For classes that switch between the two crafts, metalwork vices are available on pads, allowing it to be clamped into existing woodwork vices on the bench. This provides complete flexibility between classes and metalwork vices can be stored on the underframe of the bench as a metalwork vice clips into each leg of the bench.


What worktops are available for this workbench?

Solid beech top
Solid beech worktops are standard for most workbenches and provides a durable and long lasting work surface. The worktop is 42mm thick and the wood absorbs vibration and noise; ideal for a wide range of projects including heavy duty work.

Timber top with centre panel
The timber top consists of a beech surround with an MDF centre which is a more economical alternative to the solid beech worktop. Due to the timber surround, a 6” or 7” vice would fit best on the worktop as 7”-10.5” vices cannot be fixed to the MDF centre panel.

Well top square workbenchWell-top with reversible centre panel
The well-top is the same as the timber top except the MDF centre panel can be lifted and flipped over so form a tray. This is ideal for storing small parts and accessories while working.







Sacrificial cover only with vices

Replaceable sacrificial 12mm MDF cover on 38mm sub top

Sacrificial cover and sub top
The sacrificial top is designed for light to medium duty work and suits the light/medium vices available in our range. A sacrificial top consists of a replaceable 12mm MDF top that fits onto a 38mm sub top. This is an ideal choice for those who carry out lighter duty crafts. While not as substantial as the solid beech top, the sacrificial cover is economical and easy to replace.



Lino top 2133 with cupboardsLino top
Lino tops come as standard on EMIR Cutting Tables and is also available on a wide range of our other benches. Like the sacrificial cover, this worktop is made for lighter duty work and suits medium / light vices. As the photo shows, the 3mm lino is on a 38mm sub top that is lipped in beech, making it as sturdy as other EMIR worktops.




2133 cupboardWhat are the storage options?

For maximum storage, the 2133 can be fitted with four cupboards – one for each student working around the bench. EMIR cupboards make the most of the available space under the worktop which is made possible due to the square underframe of the bench. There is also an optional sturdy shelf fitted in each cupboard to double the surface area for storage. Cupboards for the 2133 are also available with coloured doors in red, blue, green and grey.


What vices are available for the 2133?
We have a variety of vices available for the 2133 Square Workbench that are ideal additions for woodwork and / or metalwork. Vices are also available for light / medium / heavy duty work, so you can find the right type of vice for your workroom.

Woodworkers viceWoodwork vices
Our standard woodwork vice is a 7” heavy duty Irwin Record which is plain screw. This vice is the most popular of the woodwork vices we supply and is regularly fitted to the 2133 for woodworking projects / classes.
The range of plain screw wood work vices varies from a 6” light vice to a 10 ½“ heavy duty vice.
There are also Quick Release vices that are available from a 7” size to 10 ½“.



Removable metalwork viceMetalwork vices
As with woodwork vices, there are a range of vices available to suit a wide range of metalwork projects; from light to heavy duty. Our standard metalwork vice is the 4” mechanics with replaceable serrated jaws. This vice can be clamped into woodworking vices for those who switch between metal and wood work. There is also a 4” heavy duty vice, however this can only be fitted to the bench and not a removable vice pad.


Case Study
A college in London required several workbenches to meet the needs of the recent increase in the number of students. The Head of the D&T department called EMIR to discuss their requirements. This included workbenches and vices that are suitable for woodwork and metalwork as well as a set-up that would suit individual work as well as group projects. Storage would also be required as there was limited space in the classroom.

The Square Workbench 2133 was suggested as it has excellent storage capabilities with large cupboards. It can also be fitted with a variety of woodwork vices and a removable 4” mechanic vice can be supplied on a pad so that classes can quickly change between woodwork and metalwork. As each workbench seats 4 students, this also made the 2133 an ideal solution to working in groups, as students were close enough to each other to exchange ideas but had enough room of their own to work comfortably on practical work.
The D&T class required a smooth worktop for written work but it also needed to be durable and able to cope with heavy duty work that would be carried out each day. The solid beech top was therefore chosen as it offers a smooth surface for theory work but can also withstand heavy duty work undertaken by classes on a daily basis.
The contact from the school was then given a quote for the order and delivery (delivery cost depends on order and distance) and a pro forma invoice was sent via email.





How do I order from EMIR?
Due to the wide range of options available for each workbench, we do not have prices available to view online however ordering from EMIR is easy and straightforward. Enquiries can be made through our contact form or over the phone where we are happy to talk through the various options with you and answer any questions.

Once you have decided on what you would like to purchase, orders need to be submitted in writing (via email) to confirm the name and details of the item you would like; your name and contact details (including you delivery address if different from billing address).
We will then get back to you with a pro forma invoice which can then either be paid over the phone or through a debit transfer.




What happens next?
Once the order is placed and delivery details have been discussed, production time takes 4-6 weeks typically. This is due to all our workbenches being made-to-order so that we can cater to your exact specifications. For bespoke designs of workbenches, 6-8 weeks might be necessary. Delivery dates and times will be confirmed with you, along with any other finer details of delivery.
Ordering from EMIR means you are speaking with those directly involved in the design and production of your workbenches which means you can easily get in touch with our office with any questions you might have. This would not be possible if ordered through a reseller and when there is news about your order, we are able to get in touch with you quickly and efficiently, rather than going through a third party.

Further information
If you would like to find out more about what we can offer the education sector, including prices only available to educational establishments, click here.
We also have an FAQ page that answers general enquiries regarding orders and delivery.
If you would like to get in touch with the EMIR office to discuss what options would best suit your classroom, you can find our contact information here.