Student in weaving workshop at a Harris LoomA weaving workshop has recently taken place at a London School with Harris Looms to provide children with the opportunity to try out the traditional craft.

This has been in partnership with Teresa Georgallis who shares our vision that art and play are important factors in a child’s early development. Children are able to plan out their designs and choice of colours and then see those designs come to life which boosts their creativity and confidence in design and craft subjects.

Harris Looms designed a loom specifically for children to use that features coloured cords so that shafts are colour coded. These cords then lock into grooves located at the front for ease of use. This design of loom means that it can also be hung on the wall once the arch has been put down so that it can be kept out of the way when not in use.



Specially designed Table Loom for schools with coloured cords made by Harris LoomsTable loomed designed for schools by Harris LoomsWhat’s involved in a weaving workshop?

• Through the workshops the children can engage in a playful exploration of materials like yarns, recycled papers and plastics and create their first textile piece
• Children learn about different fibres such as wool, cotton, linen and jute, where they come from and what they can be used for
• Children develop an understanding of the history and heritage of textiles in their local area and elsewhere in the UK
• Children learn about life in the mills and how some children around the world are still employed in the textile industry. We briefly look at the ethical question of where our clothes are made and who is making them
• Workshops can use recycled materials with talks about being responsible citizens. They can also help towards the Eco-schools Green Flag Scheme
• Workshops are fun and help children to experience art; allowing children to engage with different materials and techniques
• Older students learn more about what is involved in the design process
• Nursery children extend their vocabulary; learn about different materials and the importance of recycling. They also develop their hand skills and problem solving abilities

Student weaving with Harris Looms in classroom









You can view more photos of the workshop and the Harris Looms used specially in schools on our Facebook page