Varihi Workbenches used in schools

EMIR have been selling to schools, colleges and universities for decades and during that time we have been able to get to know the changing needs of students in the classroom. From speaking with teachers, we found that the design of special needs classes do not always enable students to work comfortably when carrying out woodworking projects. This led to us designing the Varihi bench that allows students to work in a classroom designed around their needs. The main feature of the bench is the worktop that can be easily adjusted from 70cm to 100cm, which is ideal for a wide variety of wheelchairs.

As all of our workbenches are made-to-order, all dimensions can be made bespoke to your workroom to create the ideal working environment. For a previous school, we installed a large, 8 place Varihi workbench that allows the worktops to be set at different heights. This offers the greatest flexibility for D&T classes where practical and written work can be carried out in the same class. As you can see from the photo, this has allowed access for different height wheelchairs, while also being suitable for standard classroom chairs.

For smaller classes and for individual craft work, smaller Square benches, Jeweller benches and Cutting Tables are available and all feature a worktop that varies in height.

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